giovedì 14 agosto 2014

Ooooh it's done!

One of the first personal illustrations!! Coming from an old sketch :) The purpose was to represent how you feel when drawing and since it's too difficult to espress in words, is better to drawing it!

The process:

sabato 9 agosto 2014


Traditional sketches colored in photoshop. The last one is the David of Michelangelo, very stylized :)

Gift cards


Bunch of gift cards as gift for my boyfriend, it's us in evry card :)

Story of a Geisha

"Story of a Geisha" was a contest with the pourpose of creating an illustration telling the life of this japan figure :)

Tarot - Judgement

One of the last project for school, design a Tarot card reinventing it in you own style and vision. I choosen the Judgement, where an angel calls the dead to resurrect for the Heaven (oh well, they have so many meanings, this is what I understand mostly ehehe ). I tried to do a less macabre version so the flowers blossom again through the woman/angel :)

The Reign of Zima

The Regin of Zima is a world created by my Art Academy to have, every year, an interesting fantasy theme on which practicing with characters, creatures and landscapes.

These are some fantastical creatures, sketches and scenery:

Game dr. Seuss design for Ipad

Funny project :) design a game based on Dr. Seuss' characters and I choosen Lorax. We had to design the interfaces, the g.u.i. and the characters and of course the pourpose of the game, just like it was an app for Ipad and tablet. It was just a project, not meant to be realized :)


 Characters and g.u.i

 Other concepts

Sketch and studies